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  • What is the ReStore?
    The ReStore is a nonprofit retail store that sells donated merchandise. While we occasionally buy things like appliances, virtually everything you see on our sales floor was given to us by generous people. Our mission is to generate as much revenue to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission as possible. All profits from the ReStore go to build Habitat homes in Plymouth and 24 surrounding towns. How do we do that? Simply put, we take in donations, process those donations, and sell them for reduced prices. Like stated above, everything we sell goes toward revenue that we use for our overarching mission of providing affordable houses to families in need and ultimately supporting communities in our area. Everything you buy from us contributes to the lasting impression Habitat for Humanity makes in Plymouth.
  • Is the ReStore a thrift shop?
    Strictly speaking, no; the ReStore is a home improvement retail store and not a place to bargain and negotiate price. On the other hand, we do our very best to price our merchandise reasonably and cheaply! There will rarely -if ever- be an occasion where you find something on our sales floor that is cheaper somewhere else.
  • How often do you receive new merchandise?
    We receive new merchandise every day that we are open. We accept drop off donations in addition to offering a pick-up service, so you never know what items are coming through the door! If you see it buy it. We can not hold things if not purchased and it won't be here when you come tomorrow.
  • When and where is the ReStore open?
    You can find us at: 538 Tenney Mountain Highway Plymouth, NH 03264 Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm Saturday- Sunday 9pm- 3pm Excluding Major Holidays
  • How do you price things?
    Generally speaking, we find the exact item or an item very similar and price our merchandise less than that – depending on the item’s condition, brand, and other factors. Furthermore, we use different-colored tags that are discounted at varying amounts between 15-50%. Not only are you going to get things from the ReStore that are far less than retail value, you’re likely also getting a discount on top of those prices. Sometime you'll find a great deal and sometimes you find a deal either way, you're winning!
  • Are your prices negotiable?
    Our prices reflect the experience of what sells well at certain prices. It reflects the eye for uniqueness in a product. Why is that dresser $40 and that one $160? The material it's made out of, how long it's been on the floor, the monetary value to the eye that knows the "street/ retail" value. We work with the community to price our goods fairly. Therefore, since we believe that we are offering our shoppers a deep discount and value for their dollar, we DO NOT negotiate. We remain vigilantly focused on our mission to generate as much revenue for Habitat for Humanity as possible. Remember, the ReStore is a nonprofit retail space! Every bit you spend supports Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity’s mission to transform our local community.
  • What is your return policy?
    1. Used Appliances are tested and have a 30 day warranty (for store credit). 2. New Appliances come with the manufacture warranty. 3. All other merchandise is sold “As Is” and there are no refunds or exchanges. Our merchandise is donated; therefore, we do not offer any warranties or guarantees. We conduct a thorough screening of our donations to ensure only the highest quality items are accepted, but sometimes things may not work as expected. Please come prepared with your measurements and measure the item you want to purchase. We have tape measures available for your convenience. If you change your mind after the purchase, you can donate it back to us.
  • Will you hold it?
    First and foremost only if you buy it. We don't hold things that you sisters, nephews, cousin might consider taking home in a week. We will hold larger items 24-48 hours max. We understand that you might not have expected to find the most perfect refrigerator here. But surprise you did and no way is It fitting into that compact fuel efficiant car you drove in today. Once purchased ask the front desk to print you out a HOLD slip. That slip will contain your name and phone number and we will place the slip on the item so it is there when you can find a vehicle and friend to help you load it . There will be a HOLD slip for your item and for you. Please make sure that you bring that HOLD slip back. That way we know the correct fridge goes home with the correct person.
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