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We know it has been a very long time since you've heard from us. We've had a quite a few changes happening during the past year, and we hope you take a moment to read through this newsletter and catch up with us!

In memory of Brian McCarthy

As many of you may know, our organization lost one of our best assets this past year- our Executive Director Brian McCarthy. Brian lost his battle with cancer not long after being diagnosed last year, and everyone who knew him will miss him. Though it has been a hard loss for us, we are now rebuilding Pemi-Valley Habitat and know that Brian would be proud to watch us grow the organization.

Introducing Frank McClain

There is a new face, new energy, and a bright future for Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity!  After an exhaustive search for “just the right fit”, Frank McClain has accepted the position of Executive Director of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.  
A long-time Warren resident, Frank brings a charismatic personality, a love of people, and a passion for providing safe and affordable housing to people of the Pemi-Valley. Frank, his wife Pauline, and their four children live in Warren, and define themselves in  part by their commitment to their community and the importance of small town, rural life. Frank has experience successfully managing a number of retail outlets and has built a strong local reputation for integrity, generosity and customer service as owner of Frank’s Auto Repair. 

“Affordable housing is the foundation for a strong and secure future. As Executive  Director, I’m thrilled to be a catalyst for connecting people in need of affordable housing  with those who are willing to contribute to the strength of our community. Whether it’s  soliciting a donation to defray the cost of the home, partnering with a supplier or builder, or accepting a donation to the ReStore that we can re-sell to fund our construction projects, I am thrilled with the opportunity to strengthen the relationship Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity has with the community and to build new pathways of support for the families we work with.”
Please forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to sign up!
Are you interested in volunteering?
- On the build site
- At the ReStore
- Fundraising or events
- With an in-kind donation
Call us at 603-536-1333
Did you know? You can donate that old car! Please list Pemi-Valley as the recipient, thank you!

An update from our Executive Director

Thank you for taking the time to look over our newsletter.  I'm sure that you will find it informative as well as enchanting.  My name is Frank Mcclain and I have taken on the role of Executive Director of the Pemi Valley Habitat for Humanity!! I am excited to get in to the swing of things in all manners concerning PVHFH.  From our current build in Bristol, house number 4 of the Hedstrom Way Project, to the operations and oversight of the our ReStore location in Holderness.  From working with existing Habitat home families, to developing relationships and qualifying new applicants for upcoming builds.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or constructive criticism.  I can be reached at or you can try to reach me at the ReStore at 536-1333. 

Now let's get on with how our Bristol build is coming along!!  Working with Paul Turley over the last few weeks in helping to make sure the build runs smoothly has given me a newfound respect for all the hard work and effort that our volunteers, home owners, and Paul have put into the homes that Habitat has built over the last 30 years.  The home now has the roof completed as well as all roof trim, the upstairs interior is all framed, and the windows are on site ready to be installed.  Our plumber has been on site and has planned with Paul the layout of all the plumbing. 

Without the commitment of the good people that come out and help with the build none of this would be possible.  To meet and speak with the families that PVHFH has provided homes for has provided to me the joy of the experience of seeing the result of the hard work and the time donated by our volunteers.  This occurs both at the build site and behind the scenes. Whether providing lunch to the volunteers at the build site, donating time at the ReStore to offset costs associated with the build, donating goods to the ReStore or contributing monetarily, volunteers and a commitment from the community are what make our builds successful.  Lets work together through our builds and through PVHFH to support our community by continuing to provide homes in the Pemi Valley area.  I am excited to meet new volunteers and wish everyone the best.  

Sincerely with heartfelt thanks,
Frank Mcclain
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